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Teacher Training Workshop

Our teacher training workshop shows teachers how to become proficient at improving overall student performance while effectively managing problem behavior in the classroom.
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Schools Are One Of Our Specialties

Our teacher training workshop was developed by behavior analysts who specialize in school settings and can help your school increase student performance while decreasing classroom problem behaviors.

Managing Problem Behaviors

Are problem behaviors running rampant in your classroom? Our teacher training workshop can help you identify and manage them using the science of behavior.

Identify The Causes


Learn How To Deacrease Them


Stop Them Before They Start


Tracking Student Progress

Using scientifically validated methods, we can help show teachers how to accurately track student progress in the classroom.

Create Usable IEP Goals


Know What Teaching Methods Work


Keep Accurate Data Of Your Students

Teaching New Skills

Our workshops can help by demonstrating evidenced-based methods of effectively teaching new skills to students.

Teach New Skills More Effectively


Keep Students Engaged


Improve Student Performance

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