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RBT Training

An All New Look and Experience! We've revamped our 40-hour online course while keeping all the same quality materials and instruction that makes our course stand out from the rest! Come see why our trainees have an outstanding 99% pass rate on the RBT exam!
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Registered Behavior Technician Training

We’ve created RBT training services that throroughly prepares you for the RBT exam.

40-hour Online RBT Training

Our convenient online modules allow you to meet the RBT requirements from the comfort of your home.

Fully Online


Learn At Your Own Pace


99% Pass Rate On The RBT Exam


Competency Assessment

Our in-person competency assessment makes certain that you understand the material presented to you during the 40-hour online RBT training.

Taught By Expert BCBAs


Low Cost, High Quality


Convenient Weekend Classes


In-Person RBT Training & Assessment en Español

Our in-person RBT training en español is taught in a combination of Spanish and English in preparation for the RBT exam.

Convenient Training Locations


Taught By Spanish Speaking BCBAs


Helps Prepare You For The Exam


What Makes Us Different?

Skillometry prides itself in offering top level RBT training that not only thoroughly prepares its trainees to pass the RBT exam but also helps them become top level RBTs out in the field. Many companies may offer RBT training services but few if any will boast 99% pass rates on the RBT exam for its trainees. The difference lies in the quality of instruction and preparation provided by some of the best minds in the area of training in behavior analysis.


RBT Exam Pass Rate


Customer Satisfaction


What Is The Process For Completing the 40-Hour RBT Training?
You must watch each video module and complete the corresponding quiz with a passing score of 80%. After completing all training modules and passing the quizzes a certificate of completion will automatically generate.  All participants are required to email a copy of the certificate to . This will serve as a verification record in case the BACB audits your RBT credential.  Records must be maintained by the trainee and training provider for 7 years.
What are the requirements to become an RBT?
  • RBT applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have an equivalent/higher of high school diploma.
  • Criminal Background Registry Check
  • Complete the 40 Hour RBT training and RBT Competency Assessment with passing scores.
  • For additional information on the RBT requirements visit
What is the process to become an RBT?
After the above RBT requirements have been completed:


  1. Create an account through the BACB Gateway at, select the RBT tab and create an application.
  2. Upload required documents:
    1. Certificate of completion of the 40-hour RBT training;
    2. Completed RBT Competency Assessment, and
    3. Copy of a transcript or diploma verifying at least completion of high school.
  1. Identify the Responsible Certificant. This individual must hold the BCBA, BCABA, or FL-CBA credential or be a member of a professional group officially granted supervisory privileges by the BACB.

Once the application is approved you will be sent an email with instructions on how to schedule your RBT exam.

What if I don’t pass the RBT Competency Assessment?
Once the assessment has been concluded, the evaluator can provide performance feedback and permit to test again no earlier than the following day.  This process may be repeated until the trainee demonstrates competency.  Additional testing fees may apply.
How do I sign up for the training services?
Click sign up at the top right section of the page, create a user account, set username to your Full Name, proceed to the service you are interested in (training service tab or shop tab) and purchase.  For group rates including corporate training, teacher training, etc. please contact
Do I have to bring any materials to the competency assessment?
It is suggested to bring writing utensils or laptop so you may take notes if you wish to.  Print any materials as instructed to bring via email sent by Skillometry trainers.
If I encounter an error message what should I do?
Send an email to, with email subject: Error message. In your email please include a screenshot of the error message, a description of what you were doing that resulted in the error message and your contact information/phone number.
If I experience any technical issues who do I contact?
Send an email to , with email subject: Tech Issues. In your email please provide a detail description of the technical issues you are encountering with your contact information/phone number.
If I do not complete the 40hr RBT training modules can I take the RBT Competency Assessment?
Per the BACB, the 40hr RBT Training is a prerequisite for taking the RBT competency assessment.

If interested in completing your RBT competency assessment with Skillometry purchase in the Skillometry website shop tab or email

In the training modules my video keeps repeating, how do I move forward?
  1. Once you finish the video, click on “Mark This Unit Complete”
  2. Then click proceed to quiz, take the quiz.
  3. After the quiz, click on Courses.
  4. When you get back to the course, click “Finish Course” and it will mark it complete.
What if I forgot my password?
Email: with email subject: Forgot Password.  Once your password is reset, you will receive an email with a new password.
My certificate is not generating, how do I proceed?
First, ensure that you have watched ALL the video modules and clicked “Mark as Complete” after each video.


Second, ensure that you have achieved at least 80% on each quiz.  If you did not achieve an 80% or more, please redo the corresponding video module and quiz.

If the above requirements have been met and the certificate does not automatically generate, email:

Where can I find all my quiz scores?
Under Courses click on Results and a list of your quiz scores will appear.

The coupon code I received does not work, what can I do?
Please contact in order to provide you with an up-to-date coupon.
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