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20-Hour Intro To Behavior Analysis Training

This training is offered both online and in person and helps you meet some of the basic requirements needed to work with individuals with special needs.

What's Covered In The Training

Basic Principles In Behavior Analysis

In this section we teach you the basic principles used in behavior analysis.


Skill Acquisition

This section teaches you how to run skill acquisition trials.



This section covers the documentation that a behavior assistant is expected be familiar with.


This section teaches you how behavior is measured in behavior analysis.

Behavior Change Procedures

This section covers basic behavior change procedures used in behavior analysis.


Professional Conduct

This section covers the personal conduct that is expected from a behavior assistant.


This secction covers the assessments used in behavior analysis.


Behavior Assistant Responsibilities

This section covers the typical responsibilities that behavior assistant is given.

How Our Training Is Offered

Our 20-Hour Intro To Behavior Analysis Training is offered both in-person and online for your convenience. Our in-person training offers you the opportunity to train with one of our expert instructors that can help you better understand the material being presented throughout the course. Our online course offers you all of the same quality instruction as our in-person course from the comfort of your home. Both course offerings are of the highest quality so you are in good hands no matter which method of instruction you choose.

(In-Person) 20-Hour Intro To Behavior Analysis Training

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(Online) 20-Hour Intro To Behavior Analysis Training

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