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We provide a variety of different services in order to help improve leadership and organizational performance.



Our consulting service is designed for projects of limited time and specific deliverables.  Our BehaviorLeaders may work with one member of your organizaiton or several during a consultation.  Consultation gigs are usually problems focused and are setup to address a specific issue brought forth by the sponsor at the client’s organization.

During the consultation time period, the BehaviorLeader will typically collect and analyze data before making suggestions or improvements.  Most importantly the consultant is responsible for making positive change, not the client for this service.



Our coaching service involves one of our BehaviorLeaders working 1:1 with representatives from our client’s company (may be 1 individual or several).  During the provision of this service, our BehaviorLeaders provide support to the individual they are coaching vs. solving problems for them.

Our BehaviorLeaders build on the strengths of the individual they are working with vs shaping new skills.  During the tenure of the coaching relationship which may be short term or long term, the coach promotes self-discovery and facilitates the evolution of the repertoire of the individual receiving the coaching.




To help achieve our vision of a BehaviorLeader at every organization, we provide competency-based training to our clients on many different leadership, business, and behavioral science topics.  Our training can be provided in person, via webinar or even self-paced instruction through the use of our learning management software system.

Some of our trainings come in the from of certification courses where the user can become re-certified every year to ensure that they stay practiced at that skill.  Our trainings are all developed and conducted by senior BehaviorLeaders.

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We provide competency-based certifications for individuals to help them become BehaviorLeaders.  Individual certification courses range from Leadership to Coaching and Feedback

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